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The island of Vir, with its numerous beaches, awaits you!

Although it is a very small island, Vir offers a variety of activities for all ages, that meet every demand. The 28 beaches leave every vacationer the choice of how he would like to spend his vacation. No matter if it’s the popular pebble beach “Jadro”, with numerous recreational opportunities or a secluded, quieter beach section. On the beach “Jadro” there are beach chairs and parasols, restaurants, beach bars, cafes and also a bathing supervision. Breathtaking, quiet bays with crystal clear water offer beach holidaymakers a unique experience. Guests with dogs, along with their four-legged friends, on the wild beaches of Vir, will enjoy their holidays. For dog owners, e.g. the bay “Duboka Draga” is highly recommended.

Vir offers active vacationers a wealth of opportunities for exercise. In addition to water sports, such as snorkeling and diving, speed boating, fishing and the like, so much can be done on land. Walking, cycling or motorcycling on this island are just a few activities to which Vir’s landscape invites. These activities will be remembered by many. On Vir you can rent motorcycles or scooters, and explore the nearby villages on the mainland.

Refreshing drinks are served at the numerous beach bars. For the dance lovers there is also a disco on the island. Visitors who prefer a quiet walk in the interior of the island can come across medieval-looking houses with a stable and vineyard.

In the center of Vir, just a few minutes walk from our apartment, you can go shopping. Numerous restaurants, bars, “konobas”, pizzerias and taverns are spread all over the island. Here you will find a wide range of culinary dishes. Especially recommended are fish dishes with seafood, refined with excellent Dalmatian wine. Of course, you can also opt for hearty meat dishes from the grill. Dalmatians will have a corresponding wine ready.

For those who are interested in architecture or history there is a lot to see and, above all, to experience on the island of Vir, as well as in the nearby places. In the city of Zadar, which is only 28 km away from Vir, antiquity is interwoven with modernity. Walking through the lively old town of Zadar makes you feel like a time traveler. Three thousand year old remains testify to a truly long and lively past.

Biograd, only 30 km from Vir, also offers a lot. Sacred buildings, a museum of local history with remnants of a sunken Venetian ship from the 16th century, an ethnographic and art historical collection. Further afield, but not too far away, the National Park Paklenica and Krka, as well as the island labyrinth of the National Park Kornati, await their visitors. The Paklenica National Park has more than 800 species of plants. Forty of these species are so-called “endemic”, which can only be found here. The wildlife is very rich. There are also poisonous snakes, snake eagles, griffon vultures, brown bears, wolves, lynxes and wild cats, as well as 200 species of birds. The landscape with its 400m high cliffs teeming with life. Adventure movies based on Karl May, such as Winnetou, were mainly filmed here in Paklenica. There are 10 small villages here, almost all of them already abandoned. Other attractions include the chapels “St. Peter” and “St. Juraj” from the 9th and 10th centuries.

If you want to hike or mountaineering in this national park, you must pay attention to appropriate clothing or equipment. The Krka National Park, with its idyllic waterfalls, is a true experience that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Boaters, nature lovers and divers will surely get their money’s worth in the Kornati archipelago. In addition to the numerous “islets” and the crystal-clear water, in which divers can sink into a magical world, there are, among other things, historical ruins still to see from the time of the Illyrians. Cancel

Everyone will find exactly what they are looking for on Vir. Although the island of Vir can be described as idyllic, harmonious and peaceful, no one can deny its versatility. Come to Vir, where the sun shines 300 days a year.